Replace Microsoft DNS

Upgrade your Microsoft DNS to BlueCat

Outgrown Microsoft DNS? BlueCat has all the features you need in an enterprise DDI system, and a proven migration process designed to minimize disruption to the network.

Is your Microsoft DNS at the breaking point?

Managing the Domain Name System (DNS) with Microsoft works great for small networks, but it wasn’t designed to support the compounding complexity in today’s large enterprises. Here are some symptoms which may indicate that you’ve outgrown Microsoft DNS:

High stakes IPAM spreadsheets

Juggling spreadsheets for IP address management is unwieldy and inefficient

Error-related downtime

“Fat finger” changes to DNS records regularly bring down the network

Configuration madness

Managing the wall of patches and configurations in Microsoft DNS is a full time job

Overwhelming DNS workload

Your team is falling behind on important initiatives because they’re stuck dealing with service tickets

Put your DNS in order with a centralized, automated solution

BlueCat’s Adaptive DNS solutions for DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) create a solid foundation for your network infrastructure, eliminating the heavy workload and systemic risk that comes with using Microsoft DNS on complex networks.

Common concerns in a Microsoft DNS migration

We get it. Migrating your core infrastructure is inherently risky, and a big change to the system you’re probably used to. Here are some topics we regularly address with customers considering a switch from Microsoft DNS to BlueCat.

What about Active Directory?

BlueCat integrates seamlessly with any Active Directory infrastructure. Contrary to popular perception, Active Directory can use any DNS service, including BlueCat – it does not require Microsoft DNS.

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Can we get by with an overlay?

So-called “overlay” solutions cannot address the architectural challenges inherent in Microsoft DNS. Only an enterprise approach to DNS can solve these problems definitively.

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How do we minimize risk in a DNS migration?

Any infrastructure change comes with inherent risk. BlueCat’s proven migration process cleanses and rationalizes your DNS data, ensuring a smooth transition.

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How will this work in the cloud?

There are many ways to implement DNS in the cloud. BlueCat offers a wide variety of supported platforms and architectures.

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The Cost of Free

Whether it’s Microsoft DNS or BIND, or a combination of both, it’s virtually impossible when your network foundation is decentralized and unadaptable. Learn more about the true cost of “free” DNS in our eBook.

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