Why BlueCat

We are DNS experts. At your service.

You gain control of your network through visibility and detection. You can rest easy with automation. But working with BlueCat gives you so much more than simply DNS expertise. If you're still wondering "Why BlueCat?", just keep scrolling.

We make a lasting impression

Looking around at different DNS solutions, it’s easy to put them all into one box. And we agree. That’s where we saw an opportunity to set ourselves apart, an opportunity to foster customer relationships and deliver reliable services based on your business needs – not ours. We want to make a lasting impression, but don’t take our word for it…

We know you know best

We know you know best.

Upon implementation and beyond, we work with you to minimize unnecessary downtime and make sure you get the most out of Enterprise DNS. After all, no one knows your network better than you do.

Work with the Enterprise DNS experts

We Value Relationship

We value relationships over transactions.

From our Customer Care portal to our regular training sessions, our commitment to you doesn’t stop after that initial transaction. Whether it’s troubleshooting, hardware or software support or a repair, we’re always there when you need us — 24/7/365.

Scalable and Flexible

We know one size does not fit all.

When you choose BlueCat, you’re choosing a unique, bespoke networking solution – because “shoebox” solutions benefit everyone but you. Customers from all industries rely on BlueCat, including financial services, government, education, telecom and retail.

We provide a holistic view of your network

We promote a holistic network view.

Networking and security teams can’t do much without visibility. Enterprise DNS gives you a bird’s eye view of your network, with DNS Edge logging every query from every device. Long story short, we’ve got all your bases covered.

Global brands trust BlueCat

Financial, government, education, telecom. You name it. We can handle it.

What our customers are saying

The maximum DNS service flexibility and availability for our customers.

Jose Padilla PS Specialist Engineer Sr. at AT&T

“BlueCat has made our infrastructure more reliable, scalable and secure.”

Steve Carlson Sr. Infrastructure Engineer at Thrivent Financial

“It is a solid enterprise-ready solution…”

David King Systems Architect at UNC Healthcare

“Rock solid and dependable…”


“It’s enabled us to do more with our IP space than ever – IT IS AMAZEBALLS!”

Christopher Medalis Network Operations Systems Administrator at Villanova University

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