Partner Enablement Program

Partner Enablement Program

The BlueCat Partner Enablement Program equips Partners with the knowledge they need to expertly position BlueCat to their clients.

The Partner Enablement Program provides sales professionals with a comprehensive understanding of how DNS and DHCP work, how BlueCat uses these technologies in its networking solutions, and how clients can apply these solutions at an organizational level.

The Sales Track focuses on how BlueCat services and solutions fit into modern organizations, both in the abstract and through case studies. No advanced technical knowledge is required!

The Technical Track covers BlueCat’s platform offerings in great depth. After establishing a solid foundation of DNS and DHCP knowledge, learners get hands-on with Edge, Integrity, and Gateway training.

For even more in-depth technical coverage, BlueCat Training Services also offers BlueCat Certification programs.


Upon successful completion of the BlueCat Partner Enablement Program, learners are able to:

  • Describe BlueCat’s mission, services, and product offerings to potential clients
  • Explain the purpose and function of DNS and DHCP, and how they apply to modern organizational needs
  • Demonstrate use cases of BlueCat’s Adaptive DNS solutions
  • Demonstrate the value of BlueCat services and solutions to potential clients



Depending on the learner’s role and expertise, they may elect to enrol in either the Sales Track or the Technical Track. No advanced technical knowledge is required, but a working foundation of networking principles is useful.

Delivery Method

The course is hosted online via BlueCat LearningSPACE. Learners can access the course from any computer and complete the modules at their own pace. Each course consists of videos, reading material, practical application, and a final evaluation.


Sales Track

Running time approx. 2 hours

Module 1: BlueCat 101
  • The History of BlueCat
  • What is Enterprise DNS?
  • How DNS can Transform an Organization
Module 2: Sales Training
  • The Cost of Free
  • The Enemy Within
  • Case Studies
  • BattleCards (Models for Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities
  • DNS Flex for Partners


Technical Track

Running time approx. 6 hours

Module 1: BlueCat 101
  • The History of BlueCat
  • What is Enterprise DNS?
  • How DNS can Transform an Organization
Module 2: Technical Training
  • What are DNS and DHCP?
  • Advanced DHCP Foundations
  • Advanced DNS Foundations
Module 3: Product Training
  • Introduction to DNS Edge
  • How to use DNS Edge
  • Introduction to IPv4, IPAM, and BlueCat Integrity
  • How to use Address Manager
  • Introduction to BlueCat Gateway
  • How to use Gateway