BlueCat Security and Advanced Configuration - Instructor Led

BlueCat Security and Advanced Configuration

BlueCat Security and Advanced Configuration is an 8-hour course designed to teach security and advanced IPAM concepts to administrators.


This course assumes that attendees have a general understanding of networking concepts and TCP/IP protocols, as well as a strong grasp of DNS, DHCP and IPv4 addressing. Students should also have completed the BlueCat Fundamentals course prior to taking this course.


This course is designed for individuals employed as DNS, DHCP and IPAM administrators who manage DNS and DHCP using BlueCat DNS/DHCP servers and are interested in learning more about security-related features.

Course Length

BlueCat Security and Advanced Configuration is a full-day course.

Virtual Instruction is delivered over 2 days, 4 hours per day.

Delivery Method

Delivery Method – This course is delivered at a BlueCat-hosted location on the customer’s premises. Note: When purchased as an on-site option, BlueCat Security and Advanced Configuration is only available as part of a package combined with BlueCat Fundamentals.

This course is also available using a virtual instructor-led format. Students can log into a live stream and participate remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Upon successful completion of the BlueCat Fundamentals Course,
you will be able to:

  • Understand Ways in which BlueCat Secures DNS Components
  • Use IPv4 Modeling Tools to Manipulate the IPv4 Address Space
  • Use Best Practices to Further Secure Your BlueCat Systems
  • Configure Unique Transaction Signature Keys for Unique Master Slave Pairs
  • Configure Response Rate Limiting to Mitigate Denial of Service Attacks
  • Configure DNS Query Logging and DNS Logging Channels
  • Enhance Zone Transfers using Transaction Signature Keys
  • Understand DNS Architectures
  • Configure DNSSEC Signed Zones and Validating Resolvers
  • Configure DNS Threat Protection to Help Prevent DNS Redirection to Malicious Sites

Course Outline

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