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BlueCat Fundamentals

The BlueCat Fundamentals eLearning Suite prepares students to manage their IP Address Space, DHCP and DNS through Address Manager. Software simulations and videos guide students through Address Manager and show them how to optimize their IP space.


Learners should have a general understanding of networking concepts, as well as a strong grasp of concepts related to DHCP, DNS and IPv4 addressing.

Course Length

The course is divided into modules and ranges in length from 1.5 to 6.25 hours, depending on the learning path chosen.


This course is designed for individuals employed as DNS, DHCP and IPAM administrators who need a comprehensive understanding of Address Manager.

Delivery Method

This course is available as self-paced eLearning.

Learning Paths

BlueCat offers a number of learning paths designed to fit an individual’s role. The Fundamentals DDI course presents comprehensive coverage of BlueCat DNS and DHCP management. The individual component courses – Managing DNS and Managing DHCP are available for those who prefer to focus on specific elements.

  • BlueCat Fundamentals – DDI
  • BlueCat Fundamentals – Managing DHCP
  • BlueCat Fundamentals – Managing DNS

Eligible Certifications

Learners who complete BlueCat Fundamentals DDI, may be eligible to earn:

BlueCat Fundamentals Certified Professional

Upon successful completion of the BlueCat Fundamentals Course,
you will be able to:

  • Monitor BlueCat Address Manager and BlueCat DNS/DHCP Systems
  • Manage the IPv4 and IPv6 Address Spaces
  • Configure and Manage Authoritative and Recursive DNS Architectures
  • Configure and Manage DHCP including DHCP Failover
  • Configure Discovery and IP Reconciliation
  • Configure and Manage DNS services with BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server
  • Configure and Manage DHCP services with BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server
  • Configure BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server High Availability (XHA)
  • Manage Users, Groups and External Authenticators
  • Manage Data using User-Defined fields, Tags and Devices

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