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Set your team up for success

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Set your team up for success. Our training programs provide the knowledge and skills to give users the confidence and expertise needed to get the highest return on your BlueCat investment.

Since every organization is different, we offer a variety of courses, formats and scheduling options to ensure all our clients receive the foundation they need for successful implementations and on-going operations of their DDI solution.


Learn at the Right Pace: Our modular eLearning courses allow you to learn what you need to know, when you need to know it. Learners can complete entire courses, or focus on one module at a time.

Continued Access to Materials: Even after finishing a course, you can come back and review materials for as long as your subscription is active.

Interactive Content: Practice what you learn with task-based simulations and view videos to re-enforce the learning.


Instructor-led courses provide learners with the best possible instruction in an interactive classroom environment. BlueCat’s instructors bring DDI to life and share their years of industry experience with learners. All instructor-led training includes practical, hands-on lab exercises that prepare you and your team to hit the ground running as soon as the course is completed.

On-Site Instruction

On-site training is an ideal option if you have a large group of employees in one location who need training.

BlueCat-Hosted On-Site Classes

If you have to train a smaller number of user, BlueCat offers the same instruction at our locations. Students and instructors interact with each other in a classroom offering the same hands-on experience using a virtual lab environment

BlueCat Certification

BlueCat certifications are designed for DNS, DHCP and IPAM administrators who have proven their proficiency in BlueCat technologies. BlueCat offers three certifications, BlueCat Fundamentals Certified Professional (BFCP), BlueCat Advanced Certified Professional (BACP) and BlueCat Support Provider Level I (BCSP).