Don’t build on a bad foundation.

Network virtualization empowers enterprises to change and manage IT infrastructure at a faster pace than ever before. But if you’re bound by legacy DNS implementations, you’ll never get there. Most legacy DNS systems are a tangled mess of interdependent networks running on old software. Don’t architect your future on a rotting foundation that is prone to failure.

It’s about visibility and operational agility.

BlueCat Enterprise DNS unifies traditional data center and cloud compute to automatically scale and rapidly deliver core network services without compromise. Virtual networks are created and provisioned in minutes rather than days or weeks, and server utilization is optimized. Only BlueCat enables seamless management of virtualized environments through APIs by automating IP address assignment and DNS updates for the swift creation and deletion of network configurations.

BlueCat Enterprise DNS provides a centralized view and full control of the environment for rapid deployment of service, changes and updates.

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