Do you know who is on your network and what they’re doing?

Cyber security is always evolving, and recent history has told us that no matter how much companies spend on traditional approaches to security in most cases it is not enough. It’s estimated that over half of cyber threats come from internal actors accessing sensitive data across your organization, and adding more end-point agents, firewalls and software on your devices adds more complexity, not necessarily more protection. An intelligent strategy is not just about adding new layers of security, it’s about finding new ways and new sources of data to assess risk, identify issues, and focus on remediation that can keep up with the changes in the industry. This is where the power of DNS comes in.

Gain enterprise-wide visibility and control of your network with Enterprise DNS.

BlueCat utilizing the pervasive nature of your DNS infrastructure to gain enterprise-wide visibility into the actions and intent of every device on your network, and proactively works to block them before they can reach business-critical applications or data. Born in the cloud, it tracks external AND internal queries to identify both North-South and East-West risks and can dynamically scale to meet any collection, storage, or processing requirements.

See all client activity across the enterprise, gain early insight into potential threats and secure the actions of any device on the network. BlueCat provides a layer of security other solutions simply do not.

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