Your VitalQIP DNS platform has served you well, but now you need to evolve your DNS infrastructure to meet the changing needs of the business. While we fundamentally agree with their centralized architecture, you need an Enterprise DNS platform that meets the needs of your organization. BlueCat is the strategic alternative to VitalQIP, and here's why:

BlueCat offers the best path for business continuity

No other DNS solution provider can claim the same level of architectural and feature similarity with VitalQIP. While competitors will try to transition VitalQIP customers to their complicated, limited and often costly architecture, BlueCat’s architectural parity with VitalQIP ensures a seamless integration and a smooth transition for your in-house team.

BlueCat are the experts in VitalQIP migrations

Our world class team has managed numerous large and complex VitalQIP migrations successfully, without outages or unforeseen downtime. This experience and expertise, combined with the architectural similarity between BlueCat and VitalQIP, greatly simplifies migrations and has made BlueCat the choice for former VitalQIP customers.

Our ONLY business is Enterprise DNS

Our sole focus and investment is in Enterprise DNS, supporting the growth in your business and providing solutions and exceptional support. Investments in innovative solutions such as DNS Edge for DNS security and BlueCat Virtual Labs for powerful and scalable testing environments are evidence of our ongoing commitment to continually evolve our platform to meet your business needs.

The world’s largest organizations have moved to BlueCat

There is no better proof of preference for BlueCat than our list of world-class customers who have moved from VitalQIP over to our Enterprise DNS solutions. From the largest multinational enterprises across multiple industries to major universities, we have successfully migrated each to BlueCat, including organizations such as Coca Cola, Home Depot, Nike, TJX and Sun Life Financial.

“The cost per IP address with VitalQIP was rather large. It was time for an updated solution that would be easier to support moving forward.”

Manageable Migrations: Moving to Enterprise DNS
Find out why companies like Nike, Coca Cola, Home Depot, and TJX made the switch from VitalQIP to BlueCat from our migration experts.
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