Your day-to-day is anything but everyday.

New challenges surface faster than you can say “suspicious East-West traffic.” Malware. Ransomware. DDoS. You don’t have time for false positives. Or false promises.

You’re too busy hunting down threats. Patching holes. Using every tool at your disposal to prevent the next breach.

Except one: DNS data. There’s cyber security gold just waiting to be mined in your DNS queries.

You know security. We know DNS. Let’s talk.

What if your layered defense strategy is missing a key layer? Today, users, devices and applications on your network make thousands of DNS queries to access critical information. Each is a potential warning sign. A piece of the puzzle that can identify infected devices and other insider threats.

And it’s right there in front of you, in your data.

That’s why we built BlueCat’s DNS Edge. It mines DNS data to uncover threats that elude other security products. Now you can apply the right policy at the right time to secure infected IoT devices, identify and stop Malware lateral movement and secure your most sensitive data from insider threats.

91% of malware uses DNS in attacks. It’s time to use it against them.

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