Case Study: CSC (now DXC)


  • CSC (now DXC) is a global IT services and solutions provider with 30 data centers around the world, managing over 16 million IP addresses for itself, and more than 100 times that for its clients.

"At CSC, we already have an enormous amount of address space, including overlapping spaces tied to our customers. We needed a mechanism that substantially reduces the manual effort required to manage our IP addresses, and one that doesn't have to be reinvented every time we add new addresses, such as for our cloud clients." Michael Nelson, Data Center and Connectivity Chief Technologist CSC (now DXC) Global Infrastructure Services


  • Gain the ability to understand and optimize valuable network address space.
  • Address customers' real-world network management and connectivity challenges.
  • Protect DNS transactions – and in turn, corporate information, users and customers – from cyber attacks.
  • Prepare for the exponential growth in the number of IP addresses that will come with IPv6.
  • Conform to cyber security best practices, including the use of DNSSEC.


CSC (now DXC) uses BlueCat to consolidate IP address management, DNS and DHCP leveraging BlueCat as the single source of truth for IPM, DNS and DHCP data.


CSC (now DXC) is able to generate network intelligence that can be used to drive more reliable service delivery, improve security and reliability, and lower infrastructure and IT management costs. The solution also creates a foundation where CSC (now DXC) can securely separate portions of its enterprise network and enable multi-tenant and multi-role management capabilities. Different CSC (now DXC) regions can manage their operations, and CSC (now DXC) can manage individual client operations, more effectively.