Build, experiment, and design with confidence with BlueCat Virtual Lab, our robust and secure platform for customers that is powered by the BPC.  More flexible and reliable than a traditional physical lab environment, a BlueCat Virtual Lab enables customers to test mission critical services and initiatives before they are delivered live within their enterprise.

Powerful Capabilities

From migration testing to feature evaluation to full network modeling or training, the BPC provides a reliable and powerful environment to safely experiment, replicate and evaluate.

Accessibility & Agility

Customers can gain the flexibility to easily adjust the scope and configuration of any deployment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Convenience & Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Maintaining an in-house lab and keeping it up to date requires dedicated staff and a fluctuating budget commitment. Gain control and avoid unexpected costs as there are no upgrade, replacement or maintenance fees associated with BlueCat Virtual Lab.

The BlueCat Private Cloud™ (BPC) is a powerful and reliable infrastructure with diverse capabilities, managed and leveraged by BlueCat for areas such as solution testing and customer support. Also designed with the customer in mind, the BPC provides valuable BlueCat service offerings that support current and future customer needs as well as the strategic initiatives that help drive innovation for their organization. The BPC provides customers with always-on service assurance and a robust and evolving set of capabilities that offer superior utility, reliability and flexibility.

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