The BlueCat Private Cloud is a BlueCat-managed infrastructure with diverse and powerful capabilities, providing customers with a virtual testing environment for design, simulation and testing of real-world topologies and conditions in a secure, shareable and reliable infrastructure. The BPC provides always-on service assurance with a robust, evolving set of capabilities, offering superior utility, reliability and flexibility vs. a traditional physical lab environment.

Powerful Capabilities

The BlueCat Private Cloud offers powerful environment options that can support all the current capabilities of BlueCat solutions as well ability to support those future customer needs and initiatives that help drive innovation for their organization. From feature testing to full network modelling, BPC virtual environments provide a powerful and controlled infrastructure where BlueCat customers can safely experiment and evaluate in a risk-free environment.

Accessibility and Agility

The BlueCat Private Cloud is a dynamic, reliable and always-on resource, available to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and removes location barriers, facilitating long-distance collaboration between teams. The BPC also offers BlueCat customers the flexibility to adjust the scope and configuration of deployments based on their initiative or testing objectives, enabling them to respond quickly to the changing needs of the business.

Convenience and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With a constant emergence of new technologies and initiatives and current solutions functionality and features changing at a rapid pace, maintaining an in-house lab and keeping it up to date requires dedicated staff and a fluctuating budget commitment. The BlueCat Private Cloud removes the need for investment in and support of physical lab environments that typically require regular upgrades, replacements and maintenance.

BlueCat Private Cloud Environment Offerings

BlueCat offers different BPC Environments that provide unique levels of solutions depending on the needs and initiatives of our customers:

Virtual Lab Environment

The BPC Virtual Lab Environment enables customers with essential capabilities such as feature testing, configuration experimentation and training, but also has the ability to scale and support larger initiatives such as environment modelling, upgrade testing and re-architecture simulation.

Future Environment Offerings

As BPC features, performance and functionality continue to evolve and expand, BlueCat will enable new environment offerings to customers providing capabilities such as:

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud backup of Critical Service Data
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Usage Data Collection

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