BlueCat DNS Integrity represents a design philosophy centered on best practices network architectures that are centralized and automated, delivering core DNS, DHCP and IPAM services rapidly and without compromise. BlueCat DNS Integrity provides the foundation for reliable, open and adaptive networks.

BlueCat DNS

BlueCat DNS is a software-based solution that provides the foundation for centralized, robust and scalable network systems that are designed and architected to accommodate the dynamic needs of your business. When DNS services fail, business stops; websites are unreachable, network-dependent applications including email, ERP and CRM cannot function, and users cannot locate network resources or cloud services. BlueCat DNS ensures that your critical network infrastructure and business-critical core services are reliable, resilient and highly available and that no configuration change can cause an outage or leave stale or inconsistent DNS records.

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BlueCat DHCP

Enterprise IT initiatives demand centralized governance and control to securely connect and on-board devices in increasingly agile networks. As a core network service, DHCP manages the allocation of IP addresses and must meet the highest standards of reliability and scalability. BlueCat DHCP allows you to make the most of your limited IPv4 address space, and cohesively manage IPv6 and dual-stacked IPv4/IPv6 environments.

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  • “…makes our core networks much more redundant and resilient and also saves us administration time and effort.” – Markus Vetter, System Administrator at TYROLIT

  • 0 enterprise outages in 4 years. All custom DNS projects completed successfully. Product speaks for itself!

  • “The solution is quite intuitive!” – Anthony Grenham, Network Administrator at the University College Dublin

  • “…peace of mind”

BlueCat Address Manager

BlueCat Address Manager offers a powerful IP Address Management (IPAM) solution that lets you take control of your dynamic network. With integrated core services, centralized management, and interoperability across the network ecosystem, our software-based solution provides an authoritative source of intelligence and insight into the relationship between devices, users and IP addresses on your network from a single Web-based interface. An enterprise-class, scalable and fully automated solution, BlueCat Address Manager replaces frustrating legacy IPAM solutions including spreadsheets, enabling an automated environment that operates efficiently and reliably. Error-prone manual processes are left behind and IT resources are liberated by delegating network configuration activities and workflows with flexible role-based access control, approvals and auditing.

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BlueCat DNS Integrity™ Gateway

Automation is an essential part of Enterprise DNS. It improves organizational efficiency and productivity, and establishes an environment that is designed to meet the dynamic needs of your enterprise. As critical business requirements and resources that impact the data center are automated, DNS must work in orchestration with those workflows to ensure network availability, change control and compliance. BlueCat DNS Integrity Gateway is an extensible platform that empowers you to take complex, resource-intensive, automated tasks and build cleaner and lighter implementations while enabling a more simplified and self-service focused environment.

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BlueCat Virtual Lab

Build, experiment, and design with confidence with BlueCat Virtual Lab, our robust and secure platform for customers that is powered by the BPC. More flexible and reliable than a traditional physical lab environment, a BlueCat Virtual Lab enables customers to test mission-critical services and initiatives before they are delivered live within their enterprise.

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