Automation is an essential part of Enterprise DNS. It improves organizational efficiency and productivity, and establishes an environment that is designed to meet the dynamic needs of your enterprise. As critical business requirements and resources that impact the data center are automated, DNS must work in orchestration with those workflows to ensure network availability, change control and compliance. BlueCat DNS Integrity Gateway is an extensible platform that empowers you to take complex, resource-intensive, automated tasks and build cleaner and lighter implementations while enabling a more simplified and self-service focused environment.

As a fundamental feature of BlueCat DNS Integrity best practice environments for automation, the DNS Integrity Gateway provides a user-friendly, customizable web interface for simplified access to Address Manager capabilities with example workflows for common tasks such as creating blocks and setting workflow permissions. Using the BlueCat API, the DNS Integrity Gateway also allows you to create and share custom workflows of common Address Manager tasks in order to maximize efficiency of IPAM operations.


BlueCat DNS Integrity Gateway provides more efficient, simplified access to BlueCat Address Manager for enabling workflows, making it easier for you to implement an automated environment that:

  • is simplified and self-service focused
  • reduces human error and potential downtime
  • lowers administration costs by removing reliance on admins
  • instills order and optimizes address space


High-level APIs developed with BlueCat’s Python library can be exposed as RESTful endpoints for integrations, creating more reliable, flexible and scalable implementations.


Workflows and RESTful endpoints can be shared to enable internal collaboration on development, testing and production implementation

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