BlueCat DNS Edge is a new approach to enterprise security that utilizes the pervasive nature of your DNS infrastructure to gain enterprise-wide visibility into the actions of every device on your network – from the center to the edge. Managed in the cloud, BlueCat DNS Edge is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that uniquely leverages DNS data to identify and assess threats, and proactively works to block them before they can reach business-critical applications or data. BlueCat DNS Edge is the first DNS security solution with the flexibility to deploy wherever businesses need it – on premise or in cloud.


The most severe data breaches are often driven by internal devices accessing protected information. Deployed inside the network, DNS Edge can identify suspicious internal behavior and patterns, regardless of whether the device is communicating inside or outside the network.


DNS Edge consumes threat intelligence feeds from well-respected sources, delivering that content to Service Points to inform policies for DNS clients. Each DNS Edge Service Point maintains a cache of this information that can be used to quickly determine an appropriate action when a client attempts to access a matching resource.


BlueCat DNS Edge blocks threats without requiring action on your part.
The output of these actions allow you to publish role-based policies so people can accomplish objectives while minimizing risk.

A Unique and Powerful Security Solution

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Agentless Deployment

BlueCat DNS Edge provides visibility, protection, and control to any device that leverages DNS without the need to deploy any agent or client on those devices.

Operational Simplicity

BlueCat DNS Edge is built to integrate with existing tools and processes so that it doesn’t require extensive training or re-architecting your current security practices.

Zero-Touch Deployment

BlueCat DNS Edge collects DNS data through a small virtual gateway that serves as a proxy between the DNS client and the existing DNS infrastructure.

Scalability & Availability

BlueCat DNS Edge, which has been built on proven, enterprise cloud infrastructure, dynamically scales to meet any collection, storage, and processing requirement without interruption. This cloud infrastructure allows for local high availability as well as geographic failover to ensure availability during local or regional disasters.

Leverage the power of DNS to protect your enterprise.
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