BlueCat DNS Edge is a client-facing firewall that leverages your existing DNS infrastructure to provide visibility, control, and detection capabilities to your organization. Because it is client-facing, DNS Edge allows you to get more granular insight than you can with traditional firewalls that face the internet. You can:

Log every DNS query from every client no matter where they are in the enterprise.

Ensure visibility over every DNS query as opposed to only the queries that make it to the cache servers.

Apply policies based on context such as ensuring connected IoT devices only access white-listed domains, or controlling access to internal applications by group, function or network.

Why BlueCat DNS Edge?

Even though the majority of attacks leverage DNS to receive instructions, exfiltrate data, and reverse engineer the network, Cyber security professionals frequently overlook DNS. DNS Edge can help identify and mitigate attacks like:

Insider Threats

DNS edge can help you stop malicious accidental bad actors by tracking device-generated traffic to uncover and monitor these threats.

Compromised Internet of Things (IoT) devices

DNS Edge can prevent your organization from being a participant in a DDoS attack, indicating whether IoT systems like HVAC, door locks, or point of sale devices are secure.

Malware-induced lateral movement within your network

DNS Edge can detect suspicious queries, isolate devices and quickly identify patient zero – the first device infected.

DNS Edge provides enhanced security without complicating operations and infrastructure

Agentless Deployment

Get visibility, protection, and control to any device that leverages DNS without the need to deploy any agent or client on those devices.

Operational Simplicity

Easily integrates with existing applications like a SIEM, behavioral analytics platforms or data correlation platforms.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Collects DNS data through a small virtual gateway known as a “Service Point” without requiring changes to the underlying DNS infrastructure.

Scalability & Availability

Built on proven, enterprise cloud infrastructure that dynamically scales to meet any collection, storage, and processing requirement without interruption and allows for local high availability as well as geographic failover.

BlueCat DNS Edge for Splunk app allows Splunk users to integrate DNS Edge policy feeds into their Splunk dashboard, providing valuable DNS data directly relevant to network security along as well as visualizations and alerts for BlueCat DNS Edge data. This app provides a simple search interface and alert framework for DNS administrators and security professionals to review, monitor, and alert on policy events from their BlueCat DNS Edge service points. Get it today at Splunkbase

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