BlueCat offers a rich set of APIs, enabling dynamic interaction with your network ecosystem. All features including IPAM, DNS and DHCP elements are accessible via a unified, standards-based API, enabling proven integrations with leading commercial vendors to deliver orchestrated network creation, monitoring, security and provisioning solutions for data center and cloud environments.

Part of the fabric of IT for rich integration and interoperability

BlueCat’s API is the interface to enable custom, process-compliant changes to IP and DNS configurations while retaining complete visibility and control over IPAM data. Extend your team’s reach to adjacent network solutions leveraging this central source. BlueCat enables you to control how the enterprise deploys and consumes services across the cloud and virtualized infrastructures, reclaiming unused IP address space and delivering on-demand capacity. BlueCat’s API enables automated IP and Domain Name provisioning for new tenants, ensuring data integrity, security and speed.

Leverage a wealth of data for zero-touch administration and process automation

BlueCat brings together key network information from a broad set of sources including utilization, system events, network structure and user inputs. Combine this rich information with BlueCat’s unified, standards-based API to enable dynamic integrations with leading automation platforms such as HP Operations Orchestrator, ServiceNow, BMC Cloud Orchestrator and vRealize Orchestrator.

“Key areas of differentiation include the ability to support very large-scale environments, integration with leading cloud/virtualization platforms (VMware, HP, IBM and OpenStack) and deep/broad API capabilities.”
Gartner, Market Guide for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management, 2015

Plug-ins and Connectors

BlueCat’s connectors target the common network related applications that interact with IPAM — from orchestration and provisioning to event management.

BlueCat vRO Plug-in

Ensure high speed and reliable provisioning of IP addresses and DNS names for virtual resources. Efficient virtualization management relies on the availability of network resources like IP addresses and DNS entries. BlueCat vRO Plug-in helps ensure the best possible utilization of the ‘IP Resource’.

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Connector for IBM QRadar

Pinpoint attacks and threats by providing detailed information about every device on the network. With BlueCat DNS and DHCP data delivered in QRadar native data interchange format, security teams can identify and respond to external DNS attacks, malware outbreaks and botnet-infected devices.

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Connector for HP ArcSight

Provide an authoritative source for information about the network including the connection between devices, IP addresses and their activity. These key data points are interconnected and correlated within ArcSight to provide a complete view of the security posture of all connected devices.

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