BlueCat Address Manager

Take control of the complex with BlueCat Address Manager.

The reliable, scalable and secure IPAM software for your dynamic network.

BlueCat Address Manager

BlueCat Address Manager is a powerful IP Address Management software that lets you control your complex and dynamic network.

With integrated core services, workflow and automation, you can centrally manage every connected device on your network from a single pane of glass with BlueCat. Our IP address management tool provides network intelligence and insight into the relationship between devices, users and IP addresses that provides actionable data that can help improve security and ensure reliable, always-on business connectivity.

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BlueCat DNS Integrity and Cisco ACI

Built via ACI and BlueCat’s API, this video shows a demo of a soon to be released plug-in that enables users to discover and configure endpoints discovered by ACI to be fed into BlueCat Address Manager. BlueCat users have long benefited from our approach to Enterprise DNS via a central visibility and management approach, and we’re proud to integrate with Cisco ACI to deliver “single pane of glass” approach to our joint customers. Read our blog to learn more! .

Efficient Network Management

Simplify network management and reduce the time and effort required to perform daily network administration tasks.

  • Flexible Role-Based Access Control
  • Quick Actions and Workflow
  • Tracking and Auditing
  • Connector for VMware
  • Support for Microsoft Hyper-V

Network Planning and Modeling

Optimize your network infrastructure and manage the growth of data centers and devices.

  • Network Templates
  • Flexible Network Configurations

Global Visibility and Scope

View and control IP address space, name space and devices across geographies, data centers and business units.

  • Powerful Centralized Management
  • Robust “out-of-the-box” reporting capabilities with no extra costs or appliance requirements
  • Integration of IP Address, DNS and DHCP data
  • Market-Leading Scalability
  • Full Support for IPv6


Automate network administration tasks to increase IT responsiveness and reduce errors and service outages.

  • Scheduled and On-Demand Deployments
  • Integrated Data Validation Tools
  • Web Services API
  • Network Integration
  • Automatic Network Discovery
  • Network Reconciliation Policies

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