It’s time to take control of your network.

Accessible. Agile. Efficient. Managing your complex network just got easier.

Managing your network should keep you hands-on, and hands-off, where it matters.

BlueCat allows you to approach your network challenges head on to meet the ever-growing and ever-changing needs of the business. BlueCat stands for a design philosophy that’s based on centralization and automation and rapidly delivering core DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services without compromise.

BlueCat Address Manager

BlueCat Address Manager

Take control of your dynamic network with BlueCat Address Manager. With the explosive growth of connected devices and the importance of DNS in your critical initiatives such as automation and virtualization, you need a new approach to DNS and DHCP management. With BlueCat Address Manager, you can replace manual processes, reduce network admin time and increase cloud agility, freeing up IT resources. Because when business needs to change on a dime, the network must follow.

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Intelligent DNS

As the tangle of data centers, clouds, mobile devices, and connection types continues to grow, administrators have to rationalize the back-end infrastructure. DNS administrators often improvise infrastructure pathways to keep data flowing, support expanding networks, and enable services across environments. The intelligent DNS capabilities provided by BlueCat DNS Edge™ cut through complexity by enabling control of the resolution path, for apps being built in the cloud, eliminating name records residing in different zones, migrating data and more.

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