Intelligent DNS

DNS design that makes sense

Reduce complexity, efficiently resolve local traffic, simplify hybrid cloud environments, and migrate safely.

Networks are more complex than ever before.

As the tangle of data centers, clouds, mobile devices, and connection types continues to grow, administrators have to rationalize the back-end infrastructure. DNS administrators often improvise infrastructure pathways to keep data flowing, support expanding networks, and enable services across environments. This patchwork approach can have serious effects on the network:

Errors and service outages happen when name records are forced to reside in duplicate authoritative DNS servers.

Business risk comes when setting up DNS pathways delay the migration of critical apps and services.

Cost also rises when internet bound traffic is forced through a data center, or over expensive leased lines. Enable direct connections or “internet breakout” for cloud services you trust, like Office 365 or Salesforce.

Latency often results when DNS queries search for answers across multiple environments.

How intelligent DNS works

The intelligent DNS capabilities provided by BlueCat DNS Edge™ cut through complexity by enabling control of the resolution path, for apps being built in the cloud, eliminating name records residing in different zones, migrating data and more.

  • It starts by creating namespaces for your DNS records within BlueCat’s Enterprise DNS platform and setting conditions to direct queries.  
  • Sitting on the first hop, BlueCat starts by routing queries to the first identified namespace.  
  • If the answer isn’t returned from the first namespace, the query is forwarded to the next namespace in priority order.
  • The process continues until an answer is found.

Use Cases

Eliminate duplicate name records and avoid errors

DNS administrators often maintain duplicate name records to make data or services available, either publicly or from different zones.  DNS Edge’s intelligent DNS eliminates the need for duplicate records, avoiding costly errors and easing administrative burdens.paths

Reduce latency and costs associated with internet breakout

Routing internal traffic through a central location over dedicated leased lines can quickly get expensive.  Intelligent DNS allows direct access (“internet breakout”) to trusted cloud-based services like Office 365, Dropbox, or Salesforce, reducing latency and cost. paths

Enables cloud developers to control the DNS resolution path.

Technical limitations of cloud providers often prevent cloud apps from accessing data and services from outside the cloud environment.  Intelligent DNS enables more control of the DNS resolution paths, giving you the flexibility to keep data where you want it and eliminating unnecessary complications.

Easier and safer migrations.

When migrating data and services at scale, the process becomes complex and the risk of DNS errors grows. Avoiding these errors and the threat to critical business services often requires time-consuming planning and execution. Intelligent DNS allows for multiple resolution paths during the migration process, reducing the risk of errors and exposing mis-configurations.

BlueCat’s intelligent DNS simplifies DNS management across environments, reduces complexity, and avoids costly errors.

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