System Integrators/Managed Service Providers

Build your solution stack on a strong DNS foundation

BlueCat delivers flexible, innovative network infrastructure while minimizing back-end support costs for system integrators and managed service providers. Differentiate with our innovative capabilities for security, networking, and automation.

Effective IT solutions start with DNS

Cost savings

Create more time to meet requirements by automating all standard DNS management tasks

Enterprise grade

Build your solution stack on a reliable, sustainable, and scalable network from the ground up

Unique capabilities

Move beyond standard DDI with BlueCat’s capabilities for cloud, automation, and security


Tap into over twenty years of knowledge and expertise about DNS best practices

Differentiate your IaaS solution

BlueCat goes beyond basic DDI to deliver the unique capabilities you need to differentiate.

BlueCat Platform

Stop counting boxes – deliver as much DNS, DHCP, and IPAM as you want in the cloud, on-prem, at the network edge

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Intelligent Automation

Deliver network infrastructure at machine speed through DNS automation

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Intelligent Security

Full visibility into network activity and control at the device level – all without agents

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Intelligent Networking

Minimize MPLS costs and cut through network complexity

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Reduce the back-end costs of network infrastructure

One-third of network admin time is spend on DNS service tickets. That’s a lot of productivity and profitability down the tubes. BlueCat dramatically reduces those manpower costs through DNS automation so your admins can focus on higher-level tasks.

Learn how to pitch BlueCat solutions

DNS is a critical part of any network transformation project. BlueCat offers training for partners on how to uncover value drivers, guide conversations at all levels about strategic initiatives, and upsell advanced capabilities.

Cloud DNS

Learn the basics

Get acquainted with BlueCat’s solution offering and value proposition

Build a strategy

Learn about customer personas, from the strategic to the tactical level

Qualify customers

Dig into customer requirements and motivations

Close deals

Build quotes and calculate margins

Ready to get more out of your network?