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Tap into a $2B market with BlueCat

Critical network infrastructure is a market with huge upside. Every customer needs DNS, DHCP, and IPAM. With cloud, IoT and other emerging technologies customers need more specialized, value-added functionality to be successful. In a market like this, it’s no wonder that partners turn to BlueCat.

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We reward channel partners with some of the most generous margins in the business

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Earn over and above your margin with regular incentive programs

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Integrate BlueCat into existing large-scale deals for additional value and increased margin

Upsell potential

Move beyond infrastructure with BlueCat’s capabilities for cloud, automation, security, and more


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Marketing support

Use our goldmine of customer-facing content to deepen conversations and discover more about operational needs

BlueCat’s network story

Network complexity used to be bad news for businesses. It used to mean more work, higher risk of errors, spiraling costs and stifled innovation. We’re changing that. Adaptive DNS™ powers your network from the edge to the core.

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BlueCat Platform

Centralize and automate DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) infrastructure

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Intelligent Automation

Automate standard network management tasks with community-powered tools

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Intelligent Security

Full visibility and control over every query on the network

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Intelligent Networking

Optimize network performance by minimizing complexity

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Learn how to pitch BlueCat solutions

DNS is a critical part of any network transformation project. BlueCat offers training for partners on how to uncover value drivers, guide conversations at all levels about strategic initiatives, and upsell advanced capabilities.

Cloud DNS

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Get acquainted with BlueCat’s solution offering and value proposition

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Learn about customer personas, from the strategic to the tactical level

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