Become a Partner

Become a Partner

BlueCat Partner Overview

Today’s IT environment is becoming more sophisticated. The rate of change for organizations to keep up with connecting, sharing and managing networks makes it difficult to stay current, grow, and be profitable. BlueCat automates network-control functions to reduce costs and maximize uptime, while protecting against the rising flood of security threats such as malware and distributed-denial-of-service DDoS attacks.

The largest organizations across the globe choose BlueCat because we focus on delivering the highest enterprise value possible.

We take a fresh approach based on our deep knowledge of how today’s enterprises need to run their businesses. From our high-touch sales approach and deep discovery process, to helping our customers manage their costs through our unique licensing model, we deliver peace of mind to our customers.

The BlueCat Partner Ecosystem

The BlueCat partner ecosystem is essential to how we do business.  In addition to our solution and reseller providers, our partner network includes implementation partners and Managed Service Providers who aim to expand BlueCat solutions to help our partners close more opportunities and be more profitable. Technology partners can engage with the BlueCat Alliance team to help create tightly integrated solutions to address market and customers needs.

Our Partner Program Structure

Flexible, Profitable, Sustainable

The BlueCat partner program is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of your growing business.

As a dedicated BlueCat partner, the more you invest in the relationship, the more rewards you will reap.

Through close collaboration with our team and by leveraging the many resources available to you, you can ensure that each customer receives a high touch sales and discovery experience, resulting in long-term success for your business.

Become a Trusted Advisor for BlueCat

One of the most important goals we have is to help our partners develop unique value as a trusted advisor. Our partner program allows you to benefit more, the more you commit.

Our training and certification programs offer a flexible path to the expertise that best serves your practice.

BlueCat Education

As a partner, you will gain rich knowledge and best industry practices. You will increase your understanding of the Network Security and the DDI landscape as well as specific solutions to best meet your customers’ needs. Our training is not prescriptive – we have built in the flexibility to allow you to choose your learning path based on your specific business goals.

Partner Enablement

Customer satisfaction is critical to our mutual success. We believe that a well trained and equipped partner ecosystem is best prepared to deliver the highest level of service to our mutual customers. To help you succeed, we have built our enablement framework around supporting you to learn, grow, and profit.


It is no surprise that customers trust partners who deliver the fastest return on their IT investments and help integrate network and security best practices across their organization. We offer training paths to develop the sales and technical skills that enable customer success with our offerings, and add value to customer relationships. Partner learning options include sales enablement and technical e-learning courses, as well as advanced instructor-led technical training.


The ability to offer great ideas to your customers and prospects helps our partners separate themselves from the market. We assist our partners in delivering compelling results that are key components to long-term success for your customers.  We give our partners the right tools to help you communicate network and security industry insights and the BlueCat value propositions, including sales, marketing, support, and technical tools.

Partnership has its advantages

As a BlueCat partner, you play a critical role in delivering our solutions worldwide.   Through a trusted Sales Rules of Engagement based on mutual trust, respect, and confidentiality, our partners have the opportunity to leverage strengths and collaborate in a high touch sales process. The BlueCat Sales Executive will be available to help grow customer relationships and increase value to your practice.

All paths lead to profitability

At BlueCat, we provide our partners a variety of opportunities to maximize margin and make them more consistent and predictable. Regardless what type of opportunity you are working on, our partners find ways to boost profitability, with deal protection and exclusivity. Our profitability offerings reward you for customers you find, the opportunities where you add value to the deals BlueCat found, and add-on opportunities of accounts where you are the incumbent partner.

  • Deal Registration: Protect your deals and earn a margin enhancement on new opportunities that you find and bring to BlueCat.
  • Teaming Plan: Get rewarded for adding value and closing new business opportunities found by you and BlueCat.
  • Incumbency Practice: Keep your opportunities working for you. If you are engaged with your customer and BlueCat, keep the momentum moving forward by expanding the value of BlueCat to your customer environment.

Partnerships make each other better

BlueCat is focused on solving complex and critical business challenges for your customers. We count on our partners to deliver the solution we passionately create. Our goal is to drive innovation and make our mutual customers’ environments secure and operational with minimal downtime. Together, we are a force that provides best in class DDI and Security solutions.