What's it like to partner with BlueCat?

BlueCat partners with the world’s leading technology providers to deliver industry leading DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) solutions.


Partnering with BlueCat

BlueCat partners with the world’s leading technology providers to deliver industry leading DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) solutions.
Our software-based solutions enable organizations to automate, manage and secure their networks. Leveraging DNS, BlueCat provides the foundation for organizations to build scalable and secure networks that can pivot and flex to efficiently respond to complex business demands.

We improve efficiency by enabling compliance, data management, and automation at scale. We deliver value by enabling our customers to build once, then evolve and change without having to re-architect or re-buy.

BlueCat is chosen by leading organizations because we provide the best enterprise value in the market today. In fact, the largest global enterprises trust BlueCat for managing and securing their most mission critical infrastructure.

Our partners play an integral role in our sales and support network, providing expertise and experience to help our customers plan, deploy integrate and manage even the most complex networks.

Program Highlights

  • Authorized territories with limited distribution give you a competitive edge in your market
  • Regular product updates provide you with everything you need to know about our recent BlueCat products and services including new features, functionality, new offerings and other important information
  • Consultations and support offer ongoing value for our certified partners
  • Joint sales efforts and strategy set you up for success

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Technology Partners

BlueCat works with leading technology companies to deliver integrated solutions designed to improve network agility, manageability and security.

Enterprise networks are ecosystems that must automatically and dynamically accommodate for rapid change. BlueCat’s strategic technology partnerships enable us to develop joint solutions that are seamless and scalable. The solutions provide high value via additional functionality and efficiency for our customers.

BlueCat partners with industry leading companies to seamlessly integrate DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management into various systems and business processes. Further, our robust APIs and open architecture allow for integration and automation to enable a range of capabilities.

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MSP Partners

Simplifying the management and automation of managed service architectures

Whether you are hosting infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or managing a customers’ data center or mobile devices, BlueCat offers unique capabilities for simplifying, managing and automating your managed service architecture.

We also play a critical role in helping you simplify your clients’ transition to new network technologies like IPv6 and DNSSEC. That’s why some of the world’s leading managed data center and IaaS providers trust BlueCat to enhance their service offerings and power their network infrastructure.

Built to scale

  • Our architecture separates management from core services, which ensures maximum performance, reliability and scale at both layers.
  • Our software significantly outperforms our competition which means that the customer’s requirements may be met with a smaller Bill of Materials.
  • Our solution is available as virtual servers for VMware, Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V or KVM allowing you to leverage existing infrastructure investments and technology.
  • Enterprise-grade physical servers provide hardware resiliency and enhanced lights-out management.
  • We don’t charge extra for key IPAM features such as discovery and reconciliation, role-based access rights, reporting and DHCP lease logging.

Accelerate SLAs and reduce IT costs through automation

  • A flexible automation and self-service solution allows common DDI tasks to be automated across third-party systems.
  • Automation and self-service are directly integrated with our own DDI solution and can easily connect to other systems to pull in data that is needed to fulfill a process request, or push data and results out to complete the request.
  • Network discovery and reconciliation can be fully automated to maintain accurate IP address information and gain network intelligence.

A reliable solution backed by global support

  • A global on-site repair option with 5 hour SLA is available for all servers from the new lineup (except XMB) – No RMAs.
  • Hardware warranty and software support contract coincides – with a minimum of 5 years of hardware and software support before end of life.
  • 24x7x365 standard support offering – with the industry’s lowest server failure rate (<1%).
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SI Partners

Collaborating with top SIs, we deliver ecosystem-driven solutions for cloud, branches, campuses and data centers

Many of our customers engage systems integrators to address rapidly changing business requirements and deliver a secure infrastructure capable of empowering end-users through automation and infrastructure-as-code. Industry leading systems integrators focus on aligning their customers’ networks with the needs of their business, and use BlueCat IPAM, DNS and DHCP solutions to deliver end-to-end automated, scalable and agile networks.

Our implementation partners have proven proficiency in BlueCat technologies through two levels of certification: BlueCat Fundamentals Certified Professional (BFCP) and BlueCat Advanced Certified Professional (BACP).

BlueCat certified professionals:

  • Decrease product deployment time and accelerate time to value.
  • Use proven migration methodologies and best practices that deliver proven results.
  • Minimize IPAM, DNS and DHCP implementation costs and risks.
  • Ensure that quality solutions are delivered on time and within budget.
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Partner Training

Partners are an extension of the BlueCat team. Therefore, we work to ensure Partners are as informed as possible about our products and solutions. Our comprehensive curriculum of training courses provides our Partners with the knowledge and skills to successfully support BlueCat solutions.

We regularly add modules and new course offerings so our Partners stay current with our full product and services offering.

BlueCat Certifications are also available to arm you with the most in-depth technical expertise. There are two levels of certification: BlueCat Fundamentals Certified Professional (BFCP) and BlueCat Advanced Certified Professional (BACP).

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