Webinar: Manageable Migrations II

Moving to Enterprise DNS

February 21, 2019 @ 1PM ET

Changing DNS vendors is daunting…to say the least.

Often, the risks associated with managing the migration can undermine even the strongest business case for change.

If you’re considering a DNS migration, you’ll want to know these guys:

Felix Montes

Bill Morton

They’ve seen it all, and have helped hundreds of enterprises make the transition. Minimizing anxiety. Maximizing up-time. And generally treating each migration as a custom job – because it is.

On February 21st, join these two migration experts for a live webinar that will walk through:

  • An overview of the BlueCat migration process – from planning, to staging, to the cut-over
  • BlueCat’s approach to clean data migration
  • Going live with BlueCat with zero service disruption

Some of the world’s largest enterprises have trusted their DNS migrations to BlueCat, including TJX, Nike, Kaiser Permanente, and Home Depot.