User Group Webinar API Episode 7

Making APIs Work for You: Episode 7

Deployments and Deployment Options

Thursday, May 31st at 11 AM EST

After introducing you to error handling for API calls and taking a deep dive into advanced BAM reporting, in the seventh instalment of API services we will be talking about Deployments and Deployment Options. Vivek Mistry, a Community Specialist on our Customer Care team with over a decade of IT Support experience, will walk you through:

  1. How do Deployments work with API
  2. How does Deployment work with Selective Deployment with v8.3.2 
  3. Deployment options, how to add them via API
  4. Update and delete deployment options

Interested? Join us on Thursday, May 31st at 11 AM EST. As a thank you for joining us, we'll also be drawing for a few prizes so make sure you register and we'll see you on the 31st!



Vivek Mistry

Community Specialist, Customer Care BlueCat

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