Use Case 4: Actionable Visibility/Control

Every second counts in the race to remediation

DNS data is a powerful tool for threat detection. But here’s the funny thing: not only do most organizations spend far too little time collecting this data, but they also fail to recognize that DNS is a critical tool to speed time to remediation. In other words, DNS not only helps you see the mess, it helps you clean it up, and quickly.

That’s what one BlueCat customer discovered when it was subjected to a sophisticated cyber attack from a TrickBot worm – malware that self-propagates and uses man-in-the-middle techniques to exfiltrate financial data. Despite the severity of the attack, this organization was able to contain and remediate the breach in only 32 hours.

Now, BlueCat’s DNS Edge wasn’t the only solution employed – but it played an essential role in the remediation effort

Edge Remediation

32 Hours

This all happened in 32 hours, by the way.

It usually takes organizations months to discover a breach like this. And by then, it’s too late.

DNS is an vulnerable attack plane in your organization but it can be turned to your advantage with right tools.

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