Data and Service Migration

Migration Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Organizations migrating their data centers and virtual environments to the cloud or elsewhere are often faced with the complicated challenge of ensuring uninterrupted access to services during the migration.

Maybe that describes your organization. Maybe that describes what you and your team are going through right now, as you look to ease operations and IT support across multiple countries and scale the company as needed.


We understand the challenge.

DNS is usually one of the hiccups in a data or service migration. Migration checklists become a potential source of outages for large-scale migrations. Forwarders and conditional DNS forwarding rules have to be updated at each stage of the migration to transfer zones — a process in constant flux where infrastructure is moved from one location to another. It’s why constant management and upkeep of the throughout a migration becomes complex and time intensive in a burdensome effort to avoid service disruptions.

Cloud Migration

This is where DNS Edge can help. Edge makes it easy to intelligently control the DNS resolution path, eliminating complication and risks in the migration process, ensuring uptime and reliability of services provided. As changes are needed, one simple update in DNS Edge can reflect the current state of the data center.

That means you can focus on the migration, while Edge focuses on your DNS.

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