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Suffering from Infoblox Fatigue?

You need and deserve a DDI vendor you can trust. Say goodbye to box sprawl, escalating costs and unresponsive support. Say hello to BlueCat Adaptive DNS.

Four signs you’ve had enough:

  • You feel nickeled and dimed every time you want to access standard DDI capabilities.
  • You’re being pushed to OpEx pricing when you’re just fine with CapEx.
  • You get pawned off on a partner for customer support
  • You have to rebuy your infrastructure, or worse, re-architect to add capacity or features.

It’s time to take a look at BlueCat.


We’re a different kind of DDI company


"Former Infoblox Customer Sees New Possibilities With Bluecat"

“I was supported from day 1 by a sales process that worked to really understand my needs and find a more sustainable cost model for my enterprise DNS needs. We switched from Infoblox to BlueCat. We find that we can do everything we did with Infoblox and more with BlueCat.”

Read all of our glorious reviews here (and please, compare to Infoblox).

But what about migration?


Migrations are scary – we get that. Any vendor that says “this is easy” is out to lunch. It is not simply about moving data from one platform to another. Here’s how we ensure your migration success:

  • It’s Comprehensive. We don’t just lift and shift like other vendors. We fix it; removing duplicates, errors and outdated records. The result is a single source of truth for IPspace, Namespace and DNS. DDI Nirvana, delivered.

  • It’s safe. We’ve got an insurance policy called BlueCat intelligent forwarding, a clever piece of software that ensures that DNS queries are resolved during migration, either by your legacy solution or your new BlueCat Adaptive DNS platform. But always resolved.

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