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BlueCat DNS Edge

Next Office Hours for DNS Edge

December 13 – 1PM ET – Data Exfiltration | Register

Join the live demo to walk through:

  • Gaining control of a user device using only DNS queries in a simulated attack
  • The resulting DNS queries within Edge to understand the attack
  • How to immediately take action to contain the incident and the details provided for incident response
    • Future Dates

      January 31, 2019 – 1PM ET

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      BlueCat Gateway

      Next Office Hours for Gateway

      January 17 – 1PM ET – Introduction to Gateway | Register

      Join the live demo to learn:

      • Simplifies accessing your BlueCat Address Manager and enabling workflows
      • Maximizes efficiency of IPAM operations by allowing you to create and share custom workflows of common Address Manager tasks using the BlueCat API
      • Reduces human error and potential downtime