Looking for Threats in a DNS Dumpster Dive - Episode II

Domain Generation Algorithms 101

Whiteboard session with Andrew Wertkin

Dissecting the malware technique that keeps threat hunters guessing

For cybersecurity professionals and threat hunters, it can feel like advanced persistent threats are always one step ahead – especially in the case of modern domain generation algorithms (DGAs).

In this whiteboard video, BlueCat’s CTO, Andrew Wertkin will explain:

  • How adversaries use DGAs to bury the tracks of communication to Command & Control (C2) servers for botnet malware and ransomware
  • How these domains are generated, what they look like, and how they connect to malware
  • The patterns your DNS data can reveal to help you weed out and block the malicious domains

Join us for Slack discussion and Q&A following the release on January 16, 2019!