Gartner Summit

Connect With Us At The Gartner Summit

Let's talk DNS, cybersecurity, and what full-network visibility can do for your enterprise.

Let's Talk DNS & Security

On June 4-7, BlueCat's best and brightest will be hosting activities and conversations in Booth 753 at the Gartner Information Security & Risk Management Summit.

Join us at our booth to:

  • See BlueCat's DNS Edge, a solution that leverages existing DNS infrastructure to help cybersecurity and networking teams detect and block cyber attacks, in action
  • Learn how to root out patient zero devices on your network using DNS
  • Gain granular policy control over DNS queries based on originating IP, device, zone, time of day, etc.
  • Set up automatic detection of DGA, tunnelling, and data exfiltration
  • See how some organizations have centralized their DNS infrastructure for full-network visibility, and reliable forensics capabilities

Pre-booking appointments: 

If you want to have a conversation with our BlueCat CTO, Andrew Wertkin, or other BlueCat experts about leveraging Enterprise DNS that is specific to your organization, kindly fill out the form on this page and a representative will be in touch shortly.