Free eBook: Exposing The Enemy Within Your Network

Free eBook: Exposing The Enemy Within

As the traditional data center transforms to a software managed and virtualized environment, maintaining visibility and control is harder than ever before. Underlying it all is DNS. It’s where network management and automation meet security.

Even though 91% of attacks leverage DNS, few IT professionals leverage their DNS data as a critical source of information for their security team. It’s time to change that. This eBook will help you understand:

  1. The gold that’s hiding in your DNS data: DNS information is a real-time window into the health and operations of a network – especially internal device-specific DNS queries. If you’re responsible for providing network visibility to your security team, the key is in your DNS.
  2. The role that DNS plays in cyberattacks: If left unprotected and unmanaged, DNS can be used to steal critical data, and even attack other networks.
  3. How to effectively secure your complex, distributed network: Get full visibility, trace network activity to its source, block known threats and pinpoint the exact source of an attack, even as it happens.

Exposing the Enemy Within