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Do you have complete DNS visibility and control?

91% of malware uses the DNS protocol for command and control, data exfiltration or to deliver malicious payloads within a corporate network. It's time to make DNS your first line of defense.

BlueCat DNS Edge adds a much-needed layer of visibility, control and detection for corporate networks under siege from an explosion of malware attacks that exploit DNS. It gives cybersecurity and network teams shared visibility and control over internal and external DNS traffic through a single platform to mitigate and eliminate the ways attackers can exploit DNS, detect and block cyberattacks, and investigate incidents uncovering lateral movement and identifying patient zero.

Reduce your attack surface.

DNS Edge makes it easy to set policies and eliminate DNS as a threat vector against your network, letting you limit access to sensitive data and lock down critical systems like point of sale or IoT.

Detect malicious behavior hidden in millions of DNS query and response data.

Detect and stop data exfiltration like tunneling, beaconing to C2 (command and control) servers, or evasive techniques like domain generation algorithms (DGA) through Edge's smart analytics, developed by BlueCat's decades of DNS expertise.

Reduce time to remediate breaches.

For incident response teams faced with the challenge of uncovering the lateral spread of an infection and rooting out patient zero in a cyberattack, Edge makes it easy to pinpoint the origination and review the internal and external DNS activity surrounding an incident to reduce the time to resolution.

"But I already have Cisco Umbrella, a network firewall, a secure web gateway..."

That's great - and they're all vitally important parts of a layered security approach. But unlike those solutions, Edge provides unprecedented visibility into internal DNS queries, all the way to the specific client IP. In fact, Edge can complement Cisco Umbrella’s North-South protection (traffic going in and out of the network) with East-West (internal network traffic) visibility and protection. And it's that internal visibility that is critical in helping shut down attacks earlier in the cyber kill chain.

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