Cisco Live Orlando

Let's talk DNS Security at Cisco Live

Cisco Umbrella isn't the only game in town. Come take a look at what BlueCat has to offer.

If you're headed to Cisco Live with DNS security on your mind, you're probably going to check out Cisco Umbrella. We get that. It's a pretty comprehensive offering with lots of bells and whistles.

Maybe too many. For far too much $.

Get a second opinion. Swing by booth 1919 to take a look at BlueCat's best-of-breed DNS security offering, DNS Edge. Like Umbrella, it adds a much-needed layer of defense for corporate networks under siege from malware attacks. But here's how it's different:

  • DNS Edge provides visibility into both external AND internal DNS queries - all the way to the specific client IP. So it can complement Umbrella’s North-South (internal/external) protection.
  • DNS Edge is an ‘agent-free’ cloud solution, with zero footprint on the end-point for you to manage, unlike Cisco’s Umbrella.
  • If you want to lock down DNS, work with DNS experts. We manage internal DNS services for the world's biggest companies and are 100% focused on solving this problem.

Sign up today to meet with our team for a personalized DNS Security workshop at Cisco Live. Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to get unprecedented visibility into internal and external network activity for every connected device, app, or service.
  • How to quickly establish smarter, more flexible policies to control internal and external DNS activity across the entire network.
  • Ways to detect malicious behavior on the network like DNS tunneling, data exfiltration and domain generation algorithms.

BONUS: You'll get this very cool Tshirt! (Yup, we're just that nice.)