The starting point for meeting the demands of your business is a solid foundation for your IT infrastructure.
BlueCat Enterprise DNS is that starting point.

The Power of Enterprise DNS

DNS is central to every aspect of an IT infrastructure. As the experts in Enterprise DNS, BlueCat enables the centralization and automation of DNS services, and enables you to leverage that valuable DNS data for significantly increased visibility, control and compliance.

DNS is key to your cybersecurity strategy

DNS data is a goldmine for cyber defense and provides a layer of security that other layers simply do not. It gives you visibility into the actions and intent of every device on your network, letting you block threats before they can reach business-critical applications or data.

Open systems for complete interoperability

BlueCat DNS Integrity™ delivers software-based DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management solutions that enable you to build and manage your complex network infrastructures and meet your rapidly changing business needs. All enterprise infrastructure depends on these core services to operate effectively. Our technology is adaptive and open, giving you the flexibility to grow your network without re-architecting at every expansion point.

Software defined infrastructure

We believe the way companies think about their infrastructure needs to change fundamentally. Networks are increasingly defined by software to allow them to adapt to business requirements. Older DNS and DHCP architectures are rigid, require manual administration and can’t keep up with these changing demands. BlueCat takes a software-centric approach to our delivery model, including product development, implementation, partnerships and pricing.

We are the experts in Enterprise DNS

The market is at a point of inflection. The biggest IT transformations in history – mobility, virtualization and cloud, security, the Internet of Things – are all putting pressure on enterprise networks to transform at rapid pace. With unparalleled engagement and a team of experts, BlueCat drives a seamless adoption of Enterprise DNS solutions.

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