Welcome to Cloud City

Welcome to Cloud City

The JEDI contract will open up a new world of possibilities for DOD agencies. By standardizing on a commercially available cloud platform, the military will be able to leverage useful toolsets and strong security protections while realizing clear savings over the current disjointed, proprietary approach.

Cloud migrations don’t happen overnight. It takes an average of 18 months for Federal agencies to plan, prepare, and implement their cloud migration strategies. With JEDI going live as early as summer 2019, DOD agencies should already be thinking about how they will migrate and manage their assets in the cloud.

Control, control, you must learn control

DNS is a critical element of any cloud strategy:

  • Consistency – As DOD agencies manage assets between on-prem and cloud environments, a centrally managed DNS infrastructure will be critical to maintaining network stability and preventing downtime
  • Capabilities – To leverage the full value of the cloud for automation, DevOps, and other business transformation initiatives, DOD agencies will require a self-service, API-enabled DNS infrastructure
  • Reliability – Implementing failover, disaster recovery, and other resilience measures in the cloud requires a DNS infrastructure that is centrally managed and flexible enough to cope with the full range of network contingencies

And now, witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station!

BlueCat’s DNS management and security solutions are uniquely positioned to prepare DOD agencies for the coming cloud migration:

  • Only BlueCat is available in the FedRAMP-certified AWS GovCloud and Azure Government regions, neither of which provide native DNS tools
  • Only BlueCat has DOD Authorities to Operate and current deployments within DOD agencies at all three levels of classification
  • Only BlueCat is both an AWS partner and member of the Microsoft One Commercial Partner program, with long experience implementing native applications on both platforms
  • Only BlueCat offers DNS Edge, a client-facing DNS firewall which leverages existing infrastructure to secure the entire network

Stay on target

The next few months represent a unique opportunity for DOD agencies to prepare the groundwork for a cloud migration. With the budget year compressed and many agencies flush with unexpected funding, an investment in DNS today will pay off with a seamless migration to the JEDI cloud in the coming fiscal year, where funding prospects are far less certain.

Our Federal Partners

BlueCat solutions for DNS-based security and DNS management are deployed across a diverse group of agencies at the Federal, state, and local level. Using our powerful DNS tools on multiple classification levels and network architectures, BlueCat’s government customers are empowered to do more with the infrastructure they already own.

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