Virtual Vital Migration Summit

The Inside Story: JPMorgan's VitalQIP Migration

Invite-Only · August 22, 2018 · 11AM-1PM ET

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Complete automation and visibility into network activity so you can anticipate threats and better protect your network. That’s the promise land, isn’t it?

But getting there is anxiety-provoking, to say the least. Just the thought of migrating core infrastructure like DNS can make your blood run cold.

That’s why we’ve hand-selected a shortlist of IT decision makers from global enterprises to join their peers for an intimate virtual discussion with JPMorgan Chase. You’ll hear first-hand how Michael Black and his team managed their massive migration from VitalQIP to BlueCat with zero downtime.

Guest Speaker

Michael Black
Michael Black
Executive Director, Core Services, JPMorgan Chase

“Now we are enabling instant access to on-prem compute as well as private & public cloud environments and leveraging APIs every day to solve complex business challenges.”


In this interactive online discussion, Michael Black will cover JPMorgan Chase’s migration journey in three stages:

  • Pre-migration – from the events, personnel and decisions involved to their vendor-selection criteria
  • The migration experience itself – including the cut-over schedule, architectural implications, and risk mitigation efforts involved
  • Post-migration state – including their focus on integration, automation, innovation, and driving transformation across the network

Change is never easy, but it’s worth it. With BlueCat’s unmatched migration expertise, it’s not as scary as you think. This isn’t our first VitalQIP migration.

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