Intelligent Security

Make DNS your first line of defense

Leverage your DNS data to reduce attack surface, prevent data exfiltration, and gain unprecedented visibility

Are you paying attention to DNS as a threat vector?

Enhance security and visibility through DNS

Intelligent Security from BlueCat protects internal and external traffic against security threats through the ubiquitous nature of DNS. Monitor, block, or redirect DNS queries based on security policies you define.

Policy Enforcement

Custom policy enforcement

Bring your own threat feeds or easily create your own security policies. Leverage granular data on source IP, query, response, query type, authoritative nameserver, and more.

Threat Feed

Integrated threat intelligence

Detect DNS-based threats like domain generation algorithms and DNS tunneling to block data exfiltration

Insights and Analytics

Insights and analytics

Empower your threat hunters with detailed insights into DNS traffic


SIEM integration

Feed as much DNS data as you want into existing security platforms like Splunk

What can Intelligent Security do for you?

Reduce Incidence Response Time

Reduce incident response time

Root out the source and blast radius of a breach. Fast.

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Reduce Attack Surface

Reduce attack surface

Limit access to sensitive data and lock down single-use devices.

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Stop Domain Genertion Algorithms

Stop domain generation algorithms

Block temporary domains used by malicious actors.

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Identify malicious DNS tunneling

Identify security gaps caused by malicious DNS tunneling.

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