Deliver Cloud Initiatives

Your cloud strategy is only as good as your DNS.

Simplify and deliver cloud initiatives with a robust infrastructure.

When your company moves, your DNS must move with it.

Rapid movement of workloads, diverse security requirements, increasing demands on shared services… We are pushing the limits of compute at rates that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Compute needs to be dynamically stood up, ripped down, stretched vertically and horizontally. It requires an agile, dependable, rock solid DNS infrastructure so the business can remain competitive.

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Do you have the right tools to manage your cloud deployment?

Do you have the right foundation to manage your cloud deployment?

As Cloud continues to take center stage, organizations are often faced with challenges in their own DNS infrastructure that prevent them from providing essential cloud computing services. Without clear visibility into Cloud resources, IT organizations lose control and the ability to enforce policy, creating unnecessary costs and security risks.

Manages your multi-platform cloud services efficiently and securely

BlueCat enables the rapid movement and expansion of workloads across hybrid infrastructures. That means better support for disaster recovery, freedom of workload movement and scalability across geographic boundaries. By leveraging BlueCat Enterprise DNS, you can give business users the cloud resources they need while maintaining visibility and control.

How Enterprise DNS enables cloud strategies

How Enterprise DNS enables cloud strategies

Enterprise DNS centrally connects and controls network services across the cloud infrastructures, and allows you to extend your BlueCat infrastructure into the AWS or Azure cloud. You can also then reclaim unused IP address space and deliver on-demand capacity to your virtual data center.
BlueCat’s API enables automated IP and Domain Name provisioning for new tenants, ensuring data integrity, security, and speed.

Accelerate your entire workload lifecycle and gain visibility into your network space for your virtual data center or private cloud.

Enterprises need to change and manage infrastructure on a dime. BlueCat unifies the traditional data center and cloud compute to meet the demands of today’s increasingly diverse infrastructures, offering the flexibility to automatically scale and rapidly deliver core network services.

What people say about us

“It’s critical that we keep our e-health data and infrastructure secure, reliable and scalable so we can respond rapidly to new business requirements. We teamed with BlueCat to strengthen our infrastructure to support our evolving and expanding business as well as innovations in emerging technologies.”

Jon Macy Cerner Principal Architect

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