Enterprise DNS

Enterprise DNS is
agile secure centralized automated API-driven flexible open always on friendly :) not a box intelligent

Tired of DNS holding you back? Meet Enterprise DNS, the foundation for digital transformation. It's DNS that lets you quickly respond to changing business demands. To be agile in the face of business challenges. To be more secure. To just be better.

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Enterprise DNS

BlueCat Enterprise DNS

Highly available, resilient, scalable and secure DNS services with full IPv6 support for your network

Network control and cybersecurity are 2 sides of the same coin. Both rely on DNS. Dig into that goldmine of DNS data, and you’ll find everyone benefits. Network teams can automate processes and rapidly deliver cloud compute. Security teams can enforce policy, log every query, and spot malicious activity. Your network is more than just a collection of devices and IP addresses. DNS is more than just infrastructure. Enterprise DNS is what brings it all together.

What our customers are saying

“It’s enabled us to do more with our IP space than ever – IT IS AMAZEBALLS!”

Christopher Medalis Network Operations Systems Administrator at Villanova University

“BlueCat has made our infrastructure more reliable, scalable and secure.”

Steve Carlson Sr. Infrastructure Engineer at Thrivent Financial

“BlueCat’s account team and products help us maintain a strong security posture, increase efficiencies, and decrease our overall organizational risks.”

“It is a solid enterprise-ready solution…”

David King Systems Architect at UNC Healthcare

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