• Our customer is a large global enterprise software company with thousands of customers and employees in hundreds of locations globally.


  • Multiple DDI solutions deployed regionally with multiple points of management and no centralization.
  • Complexity of post M&A integration activities for newly acquired companies strained network management resources.
  • Replace legacy platforms, incrementally, over a globally distributed network without service interruptions.
  • Address the high volume of changes in network activity (moves, adds, changes, deletes).


After a lengthy and thorough analysis, our customer chose to migrate and consolidate their DDI platform on BlueCat.


Using BlueCat’s BluePrint data migration solution, the team was able to quickly and easily extract, transform and load data, making for an easy migration of the various sites. Utilizing the same team and employing a ‘cookie cutter’ approach reduced the migration effort and risk as the team were familiar with the tools, data, and network architecture and could anticipate issues prior to encountering them. With BlueCat’s architecture, our customer was able to move to a more centralized model with local hardware only at critical sites.