Technology companies are more competitive than ever before and the pace of change facing these companies is further compounded by the increase in the complexity of the network. Development operations are being asked to deploy technology to enable rapid changes while developing, testing, building and debugging distributed applications across multiple tech stacks with hundreds of nodes. Software companies are increasingly delivering SaaS-based solutions where provisioning customer specific environments is exposing more and more DNS.

BlueCat delivers a secure, scalable and resilient platform that simplifies network management and reduces IT costs for both DevOps and customer facing teams. Our open architecture enables engineers to maximize its utility across different teams to provide full self service resulting in improved SLA’s and reduced costs. As network administrators, we can help you leverage your investment in the corporate infrastructure budget and extend it to the engineering team.

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Learn how CSC, a global IT services and solutions provider with more than 30 data centers around the world, is using BlueCat to securely manage and optimize network address space internally and for its clients.

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Global Enterprise Software Company

Global enterprise software company

A global leader in enterprise software turned to BlueCat to centralize their DNS/DHCP infrastructure and ensure consistency of data and ease of network management.

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