Remote and distributed service architectures require reliable and scalable network infrastructure. Financial services organizations are struggling with IT infrastructure planning, risk management, IT asset management, data center consolidation and launching some of the largest virtual, private cloud environments in the market.  Simultaneously, IT budgets are calling for more productivity from less spend. Improving security and reliability within such a dynamic market only adds to the pressure. DDI is the core element to meeting these challenges. Introducing network automated processes and policy control with a robust and integrated DNS, DCHP and IPAM solution is key to coping with the needs of your enterprise. BlueCat’s DDI solutions make it faster and easier for financial services companies to deploy new applications, optimize data center and branch architecture, comply with governance standards and improve overall customer service.
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One of the ten largest global insurance groups uses BlueCat to consolidate their network infrastructure from multiple acquisitions and standardize their DNS, DHCP and IPAM platforms.

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