Your network is unique. Your DNS should be too.

Your enterprise is designed to advance business objectives. Why not do the same with your DNS? BlueCat uses a tailored approach to meet the unique requirements of its customers across industry verticals.


As government networks scale and evolve, agencies need powerful tools to efficiently administer critical DNS infrastructure, manage cyber risk, and ensure compliance with complex policy mandates. BlueCat’s government customers use Enterprise DNS to gain complete visibility and control over their network architecture, and enable the resilient, secure, and accountable operations that government agencies require.

BlueCat’s DNS solutions are deployed at all classification levels, have multiple authorities to operate (ATOs), utilize a growing stable of 8(a) partners, and are available through a broad range of popular contracting vehicles.

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UK Ministry of Defence
US Army
Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Telecommunications providers are the ultimate super-users of DNS. Whether it’s for internal operations or a managed service offering, a flexible, agile, easily administered DNS backend is essential for the responsive networks that today’s end-users require.

Enterprise DNS give telecommunications providers and ISPs the baseline network functionality they need to deliver agile networks to their customers. By automating DNS management functions and securing DNS traffic, BlueCat dramatically increases the value of managed service offerings while decreasing O&M costs.

Financial Services

Agility, security, and reliability are the basic requirements for any network in the financial services sector. Only an enterprise approach to DNS creates the foundation for flexible, scalable networks that evolve to meet rapidly changing needs.

BlueCat’s financial services customers use Enterprise DNS to increase efficiency through automation of standard network tasks, secure their IT infrastructure against malicious activity, and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates.


As retail operations grow more complex, businesses need networks that adapt to their rapidly changing needs. Enterprise DNS gives retail businesses the scalable, reliable infrastructure they can depend on.

With visibility into the entire network, BlueCat’s enterprise approach to DNS dramatically reduces cybersecurity risk while increasing network efficiency. The foundation of Enterprise DNS enables the full range of business initiatives so retail businesses can focus on what matters most: their customers.


As network architectures grow more complex, technology companies and system integrators are challenged to deliver efficient solutions while increasing functionality. With SaaS, cloud, and DevOps as the new norm for any technology company, a robust network infrastructure is a must in order to deliver on the promise of innovation.

An enterprise approach to DNS is essential to managing complexity. It provides both visibility and control over networks which quickly spread across geographic and virtual boundaries. With Enterprise DNS in place, network teams can deliver the flexible infrastructure technology teams require, reducing both operating costs and cybersecurity risk.


As connected devices continue to proliferate in healthcare, network administrators are struggling to maintain visibility and control over their infrastructure. When lives are on the line, managing the cybersecurity risk and infrastructure demands associated with network-enabled sensors requires active administration of the DNS connections those devices depend on.

With Enterprise DNS, BlueCat gives the health care network administrators the control they need to minimize cybersecurity risk, manage access to HIPAA-related information, and respond to increasingly complex infrastructure demands.


Administrators of university networks face conflicting challenges of delivering a flexible research network, managing cybersecurity risk, protecting data, and minimizing network down time. Only an enterprise approach to DNS provides the flexibility and visibility university IT administrators need to respond to these complex demands.

BlueCat’s Enterprise DNS suite puts university network administrators in control, giving them the ability to rapidly provision resources while managing cybersecurity risk.

What our customers are saying

“BlueCat is reliable, stable for infrastructure for DNS environment for us. The level of support from Bluecat is great compare other vendors in our company.”


“It has always been a solid solution that we don’t have to worry about.”

State University of New York (SUNY) at Cortland

“It saved us from many outages. It help us organize, clean and fix our DNS infrastructure when our division was spun off from the former parent company.”

Continental Engineering Services

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