Cloud DNS have your network team playing catch-up?

As DevOps and cloud teams move headlong into the cloud, global network teams have to deal with the consequences. Shadow IT. Tangled infrastructure. Lack of visibility. Security gaps. Adaptive DNS from BlueCat delivers visibility and control, cuts through the complexity of cloud deployments, and provides efficient infrastructure to manage DNS on the back end.

Using BlueCat DNS in the cloud

Cloud visibility and continuity

  • Spin up our DNS servers or extend your existing DNS into the most popular public cloud environments
  • Instant DNS injection and bi-directional resolution for DNS in any cloud
  • Full visibility into cloud compute images

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Automated provisioning in the cloud

  • Stand up cloud compute instantly through BlueCat automation
  • Enable self-service so cloud teams and DevOps can provision IP addresses and cloud compute faster
  • Orchestrate network services with tools like Rundeck, Ansible, Terraform, and cloud orchestration tools like CloudFormation, and more

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Visibility into activity and intent in the cloud

  • Analyze DNS flows across hybrid environments
  • Simplify forensic investigation and root cause analysis with granular, context-rich DNS data
  • Act on threat intelligence with customizable security policies

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Advanced resolution to optimize cloud performance

  • Seamless interoperability with cloud native DNS services and cloud DNS configurations
  • Migrate with confidence by providing alternate pathways to data sources and applications
  • Optimize service and performance through internet breakouts and geo-proximity steering of DNS queries

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Advanced capabilities for a flexible network