Cisco Umbrella and BlueCat DNS Edge

This Umbrella Has A Few Holes In It

Trust the DNS experts when it comes to your network’s security. BlueCat’s DNS Edge provides the best-in-breed DNS security layer and unlike Cisco Umbrella, lets you detect and block suspicious activity inside your network.

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Umbrella Has Holes

Your network is more exposed than you think…

Considering Cisco Umbrella? It’s a great offering, with lots of bells & whistles. But here’s what you’re not getting with Umbrella that Edge provides:

Full visibility and control of all DNS queries and responses needed to repel and remediate DNS-based malware exploits.

You know that 91% of malware uses DNS to reach command and control servers, receive instructions and exfiltrate data. But not all of those DNS queries are to external domains. Cisco Umbrella simply doesn’t give you the internal visibility you need to track lateral movement across your network or improper access to sensitive internal resources and data. Rely on BlueCat DNS Edge to give you the comprehensive protection you need to keep you ‘warm’ and ‘dry’ when suspicious activity rains down on your network.

How DNS Edge helps plug the holes in Umbrella:

  • Edge tracks both external AND internal DNS queries – all the way to the specific client IP, going beyond Umbrella’s North-South (external) visibility. This helps speed investigations into DNS activity surrounding an event, uncover internal bad actors and detect lateral movement within your network.
  • Edge reduces the attack surface by enforcing policy control for internal traffic, helping security teams lockdown sensitive internal data, applications and IoT devices.
  • Edge is ‘agent-free’, requiring no end-point footprint to manage or deploy, making it the obvious choice for managing IoT devices like point-of-sale terminals.
  • Edge is deployed as easy to configure virtual service points at a more competitive price. No surprises, no added costs, and no additional hardware needed.


The Possibilities are Endless With DNS Edge