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Drive Cisco Umbrella sales with BlueCat

A new integration between Cisco Umbrella and BlueCat deepens sales opportunities by enhancing visibility into internal network traffic.  Learn more on our webinar, and with the sales resources below.

What you need to know

The Cisco Umbrella integration with BlueCat fortifies network defenses, providing visibility and context into all internal and external traffic to find threats faster and prevent downtime. The joint solution enables security and networking teams to keep end point users safely connected to data center, cloud and internet services without adding complexity and operational cost and risk.

Why it matters

The partnership arms Cisco Umbrella sellers and account teams with a differentiated DNS security solution to effectively compete and win against InfoBlox.

Solve customer challenges

The Cisco Umbrella-BlueCat solution goes a level deeper, providing your customers with additional value.



See the IP address and device information that are protected by Umbrella, providing additional security context and details.


Policy Enforcement

Using IP information, security operations teams can deploy more granular security policies, improving the end user experience and enforcing more sophisticated forms of least privileged access.


East-West visibility and control

See and control all internal, “east-west” traffic - about 60% of all network queries. Use this enhanced visibility for black-listing, white-listing, and IoT device security.



Extend Cisco security capabilities by using ISE Secure Group Tags to enhance coverage and protection across the IT estate.

BlueCat explains the integration with Cisco Umbrella and why it matters

About BlueCat

BlueCat is the Adaptive DNS™ company. We help the world’s largest organizations thrive on network complexity, from the edge to the core. Unfortunately, most DNS solutions like Microsoft and BIND are outdated, error-prone and manually configured, which means more work, higher risk, spiraling costs and stifled innovation. So BlueCat re-imagined boring, old DNS. The result – Adaptive DNS™ – is a dynamic, open, secure, scalable, and automated resource that supports the most challenging digital transformation initiatives, like:

  • Cloud migration and the challenge of orchestration in hybrid environments.
  • Massive increase in apps, services & devices
  • Evolving network security threats
  • Critical demand for network availability
  • Lack of network visibility and control
  • Soul-crushing manual network configuration

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Hey Cybersecurity Folks – are you craving real actionable data and next level context for your threat detection and response?
Cisco Umbrella partnered with BlueCat to further your defense with source IP and client-level data. Giving you even more visibility and control than you can imagine.