Reduce attack surfaces with DNS

BY Greg Delaney

Unwitting users frequently download malicious payloads and viruses.  These vulnerabilities are, often initiated from a DNS connection. Organizations adhering to “least privilege” strategies can apply policies to reduce their attack surface through DNS security policies set by DNS Edge at the client level.  DNS Edge also locks down single-use connected devices like security cameras and point-of-sale machines by restricting them only to the domains and assets they truly require.  In both cases, DNS Edge protects the network by preventing unauthorized users or devices from accessing sensitive data.


Check out our videos on DNS security use cases

Greg Delaney

Greg Delaney is the Senior Product Marketing Manager for BlueCat's DNS Edge. Especially motivated and passionate in cybersecurity, Greg began in the field launching a machine learning-based threat hunting product developed as an R&D project within the US Defense community. Before that, Greg led go-to-market strategies in mobile security and mobile device management for 6 years.

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