Protecting Your Network at Each Stage of the Cyber Kill Chain

An Adversary- Centric Approach to Cyberdefense

BY Margaret Montgomery

Attackers succeed in achieving their objectives because organizations fail to identify their own weaknesses from an adversary’s perspective. The result: billions of data records are compromised each year due to breaches and victims are left in the dark.

Analyses have revealed that attackers use a cycle of methods to infiltrate an organization, called the Cyber Kill Chain. Gartner published a report that shines a light on the proactive actions IT security leaders can take to defend their organization at each step of the process.

The infographic below highlights the stages where your DNS is critical to predicting, detecting, preventing and responding to threats.

Margaret Montgomery

Margaret is a third-year student at Wilfrid Laurier University and is studying Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. She is currently working as the Marketing Programs Coordinator at BlueCat Networks.

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