Disrupting DDI @ Networking Field Day (In Tweets)

BY Dana Iskoldski

As first-time Networking Field Day presenters, the BlueCat team was thrilled to discuss the future of DDI (hint: it's cloudy, plus a 100% chance of disruption by Enterprise DNS) with a dozen network-savvy delegates.


Kicking It Off


The Story: Disrupting DDI

This writer’s boss took the stage first, with a synopsis of BlueCat’s history. Did you know we began selling DNS servers in 2001?

Jim Williams dropped some serious truth in his talk.

The Routing Table's Kevin Blackburn had the right idea, too.


Oh, and this happened.


Then, we got technical.

Enterprise DNS evangelist, Jason Davis, broke it down.


We all but drew it out.

Probably good that we didn't draw it out. Apstra's Carly Stoughton was miles ahead of us in that department...

We did what we do best.


#NFD19 Was Sweet But Keeping Up With Everyone Will Be Sweeter


Enormous thank you and 'nice to meet you' to everybody from NFD. You're one in seven-point-seven billion.